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Are wearables the future of tech?

The worst experience of social anxiety I have ever experienced was because of Larry Page. It was the day I got Google Glass and decided to wear it out in public.

I went to the Champagne Bakery in Encinitas, CA. I know everyone there because I used to grab coffee and a fast breakfast there almost daily after taking the kids to school.

Even though I was comfortable with them, I absolutely couldn’t stand the attention that Google Glass brought. The problem was the TYPE of attention I was getting.

It wasn’t “Hey this dude is awesome!” attention and it wasn’t “What the @#&% is this?” attention either.

It was worse than both of those.

It was the type of attention that is the absolute worst for a socially stunted person like myself. It was 100% USDA Grade A Unadulterated AWKWARD attention.

Not only did it make me feel awkward, it made...

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New Thoughts Here…


Welcome to my new blog. I switched from my larger Wordpress site to Svbtle, because I really liked the idea of minimal blogging. Keeping things simple and focusing only on specific thoughts and ideas.

More to be posted soon.


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